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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Comments from my Navy Mom Friend

As most of you know I am a member of the Navy for Moms website. This place gives me a lot of support and encouragement when I need it. Having a son who lives half way around the world, seven months out of the year, surrounded by water and steele, makes a mom crazy sometimes. Out of this group 3 have immerged to become very good friends and we share and "vent" about the things most others wouldnt understand.
Today I am posting a comment (with the approval of it's writer) from our sweet Chris. She has a wonderful way with words and I thought you might enjoy and take some wisdom from her words as well. Being a mother is the greatest blessing and challenge there is, I believe. We dont always do it right, but when our motive is right, we know God will bless our work.
"You know, when these beautiful children are within us, we dream of their happy lives. When they're born, we serve them and put everything aside so that they can have what they need from us. We fight tooth and nail with anyone that would harm them. Then they move on with their lives and we either blame ourselves for the mistakes we made or worry that they're too this or that. I wonder if there are any really and completely relaxed mothers out there. The ones that did the same things we did and then let their kids go and didn't wonder if this or that or another thing. I'd like to meet one just to see if they exist. I've never met one and I'm not one. My oldest is Peter Pan with a beard. My Sailor worries too much. My daughter doesn't know she's beautiful. I encouraged my eldest son's artistic talent, but apparently forgot a healthy dose of self discipline. I encouraged John's work ethic, but apparently forgot a healthy dose of fun. I encouraged my daughter's intelligence & art, but apparently not enough on her looks. So there you go. But then I remember that God chose me as their mother and knew what I'd screw up so His Glory could shine through them when He fixes what I broke."
Thanks Chris!

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