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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sometime Simple is the most Fun!

Kaden turned six on the 2nd! This year's party was celebrated a bit later and on a very simple scale that I loved a appreciated a lot. We went out for pizza and then to a park to let the kids play and play they did. They so enjoy each other!

I managed to get a couple of shots in, but keeping them all still long enough was a big challenge. I dont even know where Braden was. They were all so busy running and swinging and generally having a good time.

We missed Grampy, as he was in PA for work, and of course we missed Uncle Jeff. Jeff was able

be at Kaden's Party last year, but this year he is in the Pacific somewhere. Maybe next year.

I cannot believe these beautiful children are growing up so quickly. Little Faith and Ellie are getting to be quite the young ladies.

This simple, but fun get to gether was so nice. Thank you Lord, for my wonderful family!

1 comment:

Luann said...

Wonderful pictures, Kathy! Glad you all had a good time!

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