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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our New Kitty and my New Favorite Cleaning Product!

This little Kitty door stop is new to our house. He is an Etsy buy and will soon be posted in My Etsy Shop. With having less room, I am using some of my Etsy finds as decorating items until they find their new home. This one I sat in a corner by the front door. Ricky discovered our little DS (affectionly calling him that for "door stop" ) and laid right down in a vulnerable position to make friends.
He actually thinks DS is real! He sniffed and speculated a LONG time...

This was as close as he would get! Ricky and DS are NOT friends yet!

Ive been seeing this product advertised for the past few days. Im an easy mark! Anything new that comes out in the area of pet hair, Im "down" for giving it a try.
I ran right out to Target and found them on sale at $3.99. I bought 2.

Here is the bottom of the Pledge Fabric Sweeper . There are two rollers that have a sort of velcro feel to them.

Here is the top, after attacking my chairs and couch with the sweeper.

My feeling about the product...on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best...I would give it a TEN for sure! Its easy to use, and really, really works. I even tried it on my black pants and it really took care of the cat hair and lint!

Give it a try...thanks I just want it to be re-usable.

1 comment:

Mishkat said...

Those are the best photos of Ricky and the doorstop - so cute! I like the one in the header too.

I have seen those pet hair sweepers advertised, and they look great, but my impression is that you can't empty them? I'm afraid I'd fill it up in about 2 seconds around here! I'm still using a lint brush.

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