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Monday, July 27, 2009

More than Not

From time to time, I share a devotion from my friend Loren who is in sports ministry with Competitive Edge International. Her words for the Lord are often exactly what I need for the day. I am trusting that this one will be for you too!

“Faith is more than not fearing, not worrying, or not’s trusting, it’s relying, it’s believing.”Loren Thornburg
So many times I am trying so hard “not to do” things that I forget “to do” things. I tell this to my pitching students all the time, I guess I should listen. It’s a simple sports psychology lesson of the way the mind works. Your brain doesn’t hear the don’t so when you say, ‘don’t strike out’ it hears, ‘strike out’ and so you end up telling yourself the opposite of that which you are trying to achieve. So while it is good not to strike out instead it is better to focus on hitting the ball. The same is true in life. It is good not to fear; it is good not to worry; it is good not to doubt; but, that is not the answer. Simply trying not to do these things seems to only replicate them for our focus remains on them even if in desiring their absence. We don’t learn to walk by trying not to fall, nor will I learn to walk in faith by trying not to fall by the way of fear, worry, doubt or any other way that we fall. While it is good not to fear if I trust I will not fear. While it is good not to doubt if I believe I will not doubt. So do more than not, think more than, rely, believe and you will find the more you were hoping for.
“The conquering power that brings the world to its knees is our faith. The person who wins out over the worlds ways is simply the one who believes Jesus is the Son of God.”1 John 5:5 Message
Faith is what allows us to have peace in the midst of the storm, to bring the world to its knees when it seems over our heads. Now what it doesn’t say is just make sure you don’t fear, focus really hard on not worrying or try as hard as you can to not doubt. No, the conquering power is FAITH. Faith and fear are in contradiction. The latter is an abandoning of a former loyalty while the first is to remain loyal to your conviction, to the truth. Often I get focused on fear even in simply trying not to and I only fall short of the faith that I long for. I have not been called to not fear but to walk in faith. Not in faith alone as a nice idea but the real victory, that which brings the world to its knees is from God through Jesus Christ. As I walk in faith believing in who He is, believing He is the one that saves me from fear, believing that He loves me and loves to care for me...then I can walk in faith! As I walk in that faith the fears begin to subside; they have to for Jesus is in the midst!! Victory is more than not losing it is believing! Lets do more than not, lets bring the world to its knees, lets walk with Jesus by FAITH!!
Be Encouraged IN the MIDST,Loren Thornburg

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