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Monday, July 6, 2009

I Believe I have a new Collection!

Just sharing my new purchase! I found this at the Walnut Antique Walk and Sale two weeks ago and am finally taking the time to share the photos.
The lady that sets up right outside my front door had it. I spotted it and almost ran to her booth.
I believe it is a 1940's (or 50's) kit quilt. That means it would have been purchased in a package with all the fabrics, directions and background stamped with the quilting design.
Hand stitched and hand quilted, it is a beauty!
It has never been used and has a very unique edging. The most unique thing about it is that it is filled with spun wool, not the normal cotton of the day. It is so light and fluffy and comfy is an understatement.
What I like most about it is...the little print "bud" that almost looks like a cat tail! Its the only print used on the quilt.
I wonder who made this. Thank you so much for your wonderful and beautiful work! It has certainly found a good home.
Will I use it? You betcha! Mostly it will be on a quilt rack so I can look at it, but occasionally I will snuggle beneath it with a nice book or a nicer nap!
So, I name this #2...I found another one several years ago (#1), appears to be from the same time frame, same colors and same wool batt. I will share that story another day...


Mishkat said...

What a find! I was almost going to ask if that was a kit quilt, but then I read the post. It's truly beautiful - the quality of the work is amazing!

krissybizz said...

Beautiful! So much fun to be able to find stuff like that!

Luann said...

Even though I'm not a quilter I like it!!

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