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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

DS found a new home!

Another Kitty is looking for a home in my Etsy Shop.... Maybe she will be as fortunate as DS was! This one was on a dusy shelf of a thrift shop and is the absolute cutest...she can live here if no one else wants her... :)
Possum was curious today too...we are all elated to find that DS (door stop) has found a new home with our etsy friend, Carolyn. DS will be a special gift for her daughter this Christmas. Maybe take pity on the kittys didnt pan out, but Im finding special homes for all my Etsy finds. This one cost a bit more than I usually spend and I almost left him at the sale...but something was tugging at my heart, and I went back at the last minute and picked him up...He was only on my etsy page for about an hour before Carolyn found him. Fun!


Mishkat said...

We're glad the door stop found such a great home - and we like the new kitty too! (Our mom says she has got to stay away from your shop - she loves vintage too much!)

Purrs from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

Luann said...

Your cats are a riot!

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