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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where's Waldo??? On the Kitchen Table!

Surprise! I have a computer in Walnut! I didnt expect to find the service still online, but it is, so Im going to take advantage of it. Im kind of glad...the cable is also still on, so for however long it is that they have forgotten to take it down, I will use it. It was very odd thinking I would only have the radio that still runs on tubes to listen to for the next five days...

This picture is Waldo, my friend Pam's kitty. I had to post it cuz he is so beautiful and this is a great shot! He is sitting on the back of one of her kitchen chairs. Pam took the shot, so I cant take credit, but what a gorgeous speciman of feline mancat he is! Pam is a real cat lover too and has 3 of her own. This one, "Waldo" was found a little over a year ago in a small Iowa town where her son was at a wrestling meet. Waldo was wandering around the outside of the school building and Pam couldnt bear to leave him there. He couldnt have found a more loving family to take him in and love him up!

1 comment:

Mishkat said...

Waldo is beautiful! Many thanks to Pam for adopting him - I'm really glad he has such a nice home now.

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