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Thursday, June 18, 2009


I expected to come out to Walnut, to find my cable and internet shut down. I called last week and told them to make the cancelation effective immediately. I guess immediatly has a different definition in a small town...Im grateful actually. I can post another day!

I downloaded all my pics on a little flashdrive to free up some computer space and then left the dang thing in Omaha! So all my blog pics are 50 miles away...I downloaded this one from Navy for Moms. Its a shot of the GW leaving Japan for their summer deployment a week ago. No, Jeff isnt one of the guys standing the rail. While it looks awesome and cool, it's horrible duty! They have to stand that way for about 3 hours I think and its hot and humid...sometimes cold and rainy....pretty nasty and Jeff has been able to avoid it so far.

Our house is now officially For Sale and you can watch future blogs about it on I took more pics yesterday when the agent was here, but forgot my cable to download, so no more pics yet. Check it out tho, their are a few that I took last Saturday.

So, its off to price merchandise...clean the fridge and then go buy coffee...can you believe I forgot to buy coffee??????????? An oh...I so miss my kitties! The move to Omaha was so traumatic, I decided I cant take them back and forth. They are happy and cozy back there, but the house sure is empty and I dont like it!


Luann said...

Hope you have a good time with the sale and activity! We'll be in Kansas City this weekend...really excited to go.

Mishkat said...

We live in a smaller town too, and they have the same definition of immediately!

And I completely understand why you wouldn't want to take the kitties back and forth, but I know you must really miss them.

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