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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Old Friends, New Friends, and Goodbyes...

New Friend...Jeff's Angel...visited me last week for a movie and Kaden was there too. Kaden is being extremely silly in this picture which isnt unusual. He likes Angel and it shows! We watched Steele Magnolias. It was the first time Angel had seen it. It's me and Lauren's favorite movie to watch together. "Pink is my signature culah" Sort of had to say goodbye...Angel moved to Lincoln this week, but hopefully she will be around anyway. Youth must spread their wings...I hate that!
Old Friend...on the left, my bff Kathy. We met while in highschool and have been friends for 44 years now! This was taken when I was in St. Joe. New Friend...Donna N. I was honored to stay with her and her hubby while there. This was taken at breakfast the day I left...Goodbye to both...for a while!
Remember that song by Dolly Parton, Jolene? My brain sings that each time I see or think of this new kitty-friend, Jolene. She belongs to Donna N.and can you believe she is 20 years old??? One of the sweetest kitties I know! This is her favorite spot (in a recliner) and her favorite blankie. Jolene is in great shape for her age (more than some of us can say). According to Internet research, at age 20, Jolene is around 96 years old. She is doing pretty well. She makes it to her box and eats like a lady...she doenst move out of the recliner much except to eat, drink or "go", which, btw her box is a few steps up. She loves to have visitors. She isn't hearing or seeing well...maybe not at all...but she "senses" when someone is in the room and she enjoys being touched and while at Donna's, I couldn't help myself from spending some special time with her. I hope my last pat wasn't "goodbye".
God is so good to put the new and old in our life, isn't he? He has put relationship all around us. It's never boring, who he brings...and who he takes away. Its kind of like Steele Magnolias. If you haven't seen it you should. So many different personalities brought to gether by in a beauty parlor and the friendships made there, while sort of odd and unlikely, still sweet and intimate and truly funny. Isn't that life? I have a new friend on etsy...annabanana...moonstr...whatever, she is a hoot and I love her without knowing her at all. She is young, she is hip, maybe a little odd (like me). She makes me smile, she makes me feel younger (check out her art @ love new friends, old friends, young and old friends, furry friends, Internet friends (like MishKat and Anna)...I'm so fortunate and so blessed. Have a great Sunday!

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Mishkat said...

Very nice photos today. Jolene is really beautiful - the cats send her many purrs! And I really like moonstr's art!

P.S. About International Box Day - it's an informal thing and everyone is just posting photos on their blogs. You are welcome to use the graphic that I posted on my blog - it was made by Ann at Zoolatry.

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