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Friday, June 19, 2009

International Cat in a Box Day...Boo Hoo!

Miss Milwaukee the Cat

Sooooooooo.....Me, Lucy and Possum are sitting all alone in our apartment in Omaha and our Mom is in Walnut Iowa with no way to access our cats in a box photos...what are 3 kitties to do???? And we really have some cute ones! Whose idea was it to upload all our photos to a flash drive and then not be able to get to them when we need them?? I Keep trying to learn the computer keyboard, but my mom keeps fussing about the cat hair getting into the wrong does a cat type without loosing a few hairs? Whats the big deal??? Anyway, she has promised to post our "cat in a box" pics on Monday...hope everyone can be patient!

In the mean time, will you agree that this Miss Milwaukee Kitty is one of the prettiest kitties on the face of the earth? If my mom would let me have a pin up girl, this would be it!. Actually she is in kitty heaven now...Milwaukee belonged to my moms friend, Pam. She got some really icky disease and sadly could not get healed. We are still sad and her mom really misses her... Love always, Ricky

1 comment:

Mishkat said...

Sorry about that, Ricky! We have the same problem with our mom - if only we had thumbs! We're looking forward to seeing your photos on Monday.

We agree that Miss Milwaukee is beautiful and we are sorry to hear that she's passed away. Sending many purrs to Pam.

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