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Monday, June 15, 2009

Here We Go Again!

The Victorian Rose, Walnut Iowa

Every Year in Walnut Iowa (where we live...) the AmVet's Hold their Annual Antique Walk and Sale. It's called the Walk because antique dealers set up along the main street and several of the side streets for 3 days. They number around 300 vendors. All the streets are closed off so that the only vehicle you might see is a golf cart, which is the amvet police who patrol the area. Each year (for over 25 years now) over 40,000 people visit Walnut from all over the country. If you cant find your vintage or antique piece during this weekend, it doesn't really exist. This will be the 7th "walk" that I have experienced and so far each has been different. Many things are the same; The Pres. Church has the best pulled pork sandwiches in the world, the Optimists have a great steak fry and the Vol Firemen serve a huge home made breakfast every morning. This weekend event would not be complete without the boy scouts hauling wagons full of "ice cold waaaaaater - One Doooooller" The weather changes though. One year it was so cold and damp that people were asking for coffee and a warm place to dry off. One year the wind was so strong that tables (and I mean big tables) of glassware were blowing over. I will never forget that sound! And of course we have had deadly heat and humity. If you are coming, come prepared for anything!

So this weekend will be a busy one for me. I have four ladies that come to stay with me every year. So shopping I must go, for breakfast items to keep them full and happy while they buy and sell. With the house for sale, who knows? This may be their last year to come. I have put my Etsy shop on vacation for about ten days, as I will plan to sell at the show myself. I hope to have what is left back up along with some new things by June 26th!

I will be away from my computer beginning tomorrow night. I don't have Internet in Walnut anymore, but will try to check in at the library. If you don't hear from me until this time next week, don't worry, I'm buried somewhere among 300 antique dealers and 40,000 visitors in Walnut Iowa! Eventually, I will surface!

Hey! I'm also starting a new blog about the sale of our Walnut Home. Ive been dreading doing this, but I think it might be fun and nice for people to see what a treasure we have in Walnut....and it could be yours! :) You can see this blog at Tell all your friends!

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Mishkat said...

That sounds like so much fun! And your house is just beautiful - I wish you much luck in selling it (I wish we could buy it!)

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