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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Congratulations Kira!

This is my beautiful grand daughter, Kira Marie. She graduated from High School a couple weeks ago. It was such a fun time getting to go watch the ceremony and attend a party for her in Abilene, Kansas. This is the quilt I made her. It blesses me that she loves it so much. She said " O Grandma, its so "me"!" Jen, Kira and Dalton stopped thru on Monday night, on their way to Washington DC to meet up with Brian. She actually had the quilt in the car with her. She said she sleeps with it every night. How sweet. I sometimes wish she was closer, as I think I could turn her into a quilter...Way back when she was only about 7 or 8, she and I "quilted" a pillow cover for her mom as a gift. I noticed that Jen still has it and proudly displays it on an old high chair.
So Brian's family is now in Washington DC. Kira will go to College in California. Dustin is in college down south somewhere and Dalton enters his senior year of hs this fall. Where does the time go?


krissybizz said...

The quilt looks so pretty! I remember when you bought the fabric at Hobby Lobby, right? Call me for a "catch-up chat" when you can...

Mishkat said...

Many congratulations to Kira! She is beautiful, and so is that quilt! And who knows, it might inspire her to start making quilts one day.

Luann said...

Beautiful quilt, Kathy, and a more beautiful girl. It's amazing to see them grow, isn't it?

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