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Friday, May 29, 2009

Good Grief

My head is literally spinning with all the things I need to blog! I keep thinking that things are going to slow down, but no, they just get busier and busier. But FUN!

I suppose the best place to start is at the beginning, so I will start with my visit with my bff Kathy from Pensacola. She came back to the Midwest to visit her son and dil and I had the great pleasure of meeting up with her at her friend (and now mine) Donna's. I drove to St Joseph MO and spent two days with them Donna and her husband, Charlie were lovely hosts! We dined on steaks and pork tenderloin. I must mention that they live in the Krug Mansion in St Joe and I got to stay there. My love for old homes makes my blood pressure go up! I had such a good time. We went out for coffee and Charlie broke out his Model A and we rode to town in style! Stephanie and I were in the rumble seat! It was actually quite comfortable. Thanks Charlie!
No trip anywhere is complete until we visit at least one Quilt shop! I cannot remember the name of the shop we visited, but I took a pic of this really pretty quilt made with vintage hankies. I just might try one of these. It appears that the hankies are appliqued down to a large white on white fabric, so there is lots of texture.

Not meant to be morbid, I had to take a couple shots from the old cemetery in St. Joe. It is full of crypts or mausoleums. I could not get over the beautiful design in the monuments. My header is an example and here is another one. Quilt applique designs come to mind. This cemetery was so beautiful, and unfortunately it is being left to deteriorate and there is no activity to restore. Very sad.

A bright spot on the cemetery was this gorgeous Dogwood tree. I remember these trees in North Carolina, when I lived there as a child. I haven't seen one in so many years, I had to capture it on film.
Such a great weekend! Kathy, I love you and am so glad we could spend a little time together. I know how hard it is when you come home, trying to see all those of us that care about you...but if you ever forget to spend time with me, I will break your face!


Mishkat said...

That Model A is amazing! My mom always joked about rumble seats - good to hear that it was comfortable back there! And of course, I think the hankie quilt is gorgeous. That's a great idea. I have seen quilts where people cut up the hankies and pieced them, but I would have such a hard time cutting them - this looks doable.

It sounds like a wonderful visit, and thanks for sharing the great photos.

P.S. I like looking at old headstones too - the design on the one you have in your header is really beautiful.

Luann said...

Glad you had such a good time!! Take care and we'll talk soon!

Mishkat said...

P.S. We have a small award for you on our blog - please stop by!

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