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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Enjoying my week....

After a very busy week last week, I am enjoying a week of catching up and enjoying my kitties. I will post a blog or two about all the fun I had last week, but those pics ended up on my laptop so I will work on that later...

The header pic was taken yesterday, as I was trimming the edges of my newest completed quilt project. As you can see, Possum loves it! She even tried helping me trim! Now on to the binding and I will be finished!

I went out early this morning and clipped some flowers from my yard. Possum is being a little ornery lately...I think its because she has been going outside and she isnt "depressed" anymore. The cats love the outdoors and as dangerous and risky as it can be, it allows them to do what they were created to do...hunt, hide and chase whatever moves! They are hilarious and totally wiped out when they come in.

Jeff's ship went out yesterday. I got to talk to him on the phone to say goodbye. Never ever easy. He will see some really wonderful places, but I know he would rather be back here with his family and his Angel... We already miss him!


krissybizz said...

Love the kitty pictures again! Need to go add a new post on my blog!

Mishkat said...

Possum is good about "helping" you (I get a lot of that kind of help too!) The flowers are beautiful - and I really like the photo in your banner - it's gorgeous!

P.S. Regarding the easy triangle method, if it's the one where you sew down both sides of a line drawn diagonally down a square, I tried it and really had problems getting my seam allowance right. The best way for me seems to be the "old-fashioned" way of sewing two triangles together. Of course, spray starch helps- but mostly I think I just need to practice!

Luann said...

Your kitties are so funny...good thing they like to quilt! Have you heard from Jeff again? Sorry...I know it's always hard. Good to have people you love!

Anonymous said...

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