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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life is Busy

Life has been many things going on in my day, that I have neglected my blog for nearly a week!  It doesn't help that American Idol and Dancing with the Stars have started their new seasons.  My Etsy shop is getting busier and I have been on the hunt for new items to post and working with crochet hooks and sewing machines to increase my inventory.
Most of you know that Jeff is nearly on his way home.  I'm really happy that he gets to come, but his "chit" (request) hasn't been approved yet.  This could be a potential problem, but we are praying that all will go thru and he will be back on the 21st as planned.  I post these patriotic "Navy Mom" things, knowing that Jeff really doesn't like the Navy much.  I think it irritates him that I do it, but I am proud of him.  He has made many, many sacrifices to be where he is, doing what he is doing.  If he had a choice, he wouldn't be there anymore...but this is what he chose to do and so now, he must persevere..  I know that he will come out of the Navy a different person and all his adventures and experiences are shaping who he will be.  I am proud of him.  I would be proud of him for whatever choice he would have made.


Luann said...

You SHOULD be proud, and I'm sure that Jeff knows you are. You are proud of the person, not just the sailor, and you will be proud of him in the choices he makes after his service, too. He's a great guy!

krissybizz said...

Wondered where you've been & what you've been doing! I hope Jeff hears soon that his chit is approved. Of course, you know I'm proud of anyone in any service...especially 2 young men close to you and me. Jeff, if you read this, hang in there, and have fun on your leave!! Kris

Jeff said...

thanks ladies!! love you mama.

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