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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Angels in our Midst!

OK, so I couldn't help myself...again.  Jeff came out yesterday and brought his girlfriend, Angel..  This is a picture of them while they waited for supper.  We had a very nice time together.  Hopefully it wasn't too uncomfortable for her.  Larry was in his usual comedic mode, so things were nice and light.  Angel seems so very nice and they both looked happy as clams.  It was fun to show her baby pics of Jeff and tell her goofy stories of when he was young.  She seemed to enjoy herself.  She is beautiful and she has a sweet sense of humor, which anyone that knows us realizes is a must.  She took as many jokes as she gave, so in my book, she's a keeper!  I hope to get to know her better.  Its going to be tough for all of us when Jeff leaves again.  I will be praying for them as they face this difficult situation.  

Sorry for no quilting tips, but Ive been really busy and haven't had time to peruse my notes for ideas...please stay tuned.  Life should go back to normal one of these days.  Beside, I have no idea if anyone ever looks at them anyway...maybe Ione and Linda  (thanks if you do!)


Luann said...

I look, too, but I usually have no idea what you're talking about! Glad you're having a great time with Jeff, and they do look great together! Megan and Greg just got to Iowa...they'll be at his parents in an hour or so and stay the night there.

krissybizz said...

How cute! I didn't know he had a girlfriend. She lives in Omaha? BTW - You know I read your tips! And guess what! I sold 2 quilts on Etsy this week!

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