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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Absent without Leave...

So sorry to be absent for a few days.  I have been doing the annual task of getting ready for my tax accountant appointment and I always hate it!

I had to post this pic.  It is a planter that Kathy and I found in a thrift shop in Florida.  It is so beautiful and was the buy of the day for $2.99!

Not much going on here.  I moved my sewing machine to one of our front bedrooms, so I can sew without having it all over the main level and without heating the attic.  We had a monster heating bill a couple months ago, so all sewing halted for a while.

My life right now is just a tad boring.  Not much happening that I can share.  So I guess I need to get a more exciting life...

Quilting Tip of the Day!
This tip made me laugh!  

"When washing small pieces of fabric like "Quilters Candy" use your salad spinner!  Fill with warm water and soap and spin gently.  Rinse the same way, and then give an extra spin to get most of the water out.  This will result in very little fraying and the washing machine wont "eat" your little pieces!  Happy Quilting!

1 comment:

krissybizz said...

Pretty planter! And I knew you'd like the new fabric I posted. That makes sense to move your sewing to one of the you can sew without icicles falling on you!! LOL!!

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