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Saturday, February 28, 2009


The last two days have been a real testament of why I want to buy a house in Texas!  Thursday night the temperature plummeted and yesterday we had four inches of Snow.  The temp is in the teens and it is freezing!  

On what would normally be a great day to sew in my attic, I find that I must drag it all downstairs so we don't get another $500 heating bill.  So maybe the sewing room in the attic was a good idea when prices were down and now not so much!  Oh well.

Dontcha love my picture-birthday card?  A portrait of me, Larry and little Faith.. Im the big one in the middle...Larry is on the right...what precious memories.  I sure wish I could post the recording of their rendition of Happy Birthday.  It was so fun and Larry and I listened to it repeatedly last night.

So no big plans for the weekend.  Sewing...working on Etsy....same ol same ol.   BUT, Larry treated me to my favorite restaurant for my birthday last night.  We went to Bass Pro (which I hate with all my being), but the restaurant there is awesome!  I had jumbo shrimp in a pasta and cream sauce that was so yummy!  

"Quilting Tip of The Day!"
If you are like me, you have orphan blocks in piles.  Consider using some of them up for gifts.  They might make cute wall hangings, or even bags...go green with a bag made of one large or several small blocks you just didn't like or never finished!  Happy Quilting!

1 comment:

Luann said...

Hey...glad you got to go out, even if you did have to endure Bass Pro! Have a great day tomorrow!

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