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Monday, February 2, 2009

Post Weekend Post

Oh There's No Place Like Home!

Lucy and Ricky are perfect examples of how this last weekend went for me!  We did absolutely nothing that didn't include watching TV, sewing, eating or just "hanging".  Honestly, it was lovely to have nothing we had to do and nowhere we needed to go.  We did head out for Chinese food in Atlantic on Friday night, but after that it was hibernation time.  

Check out my Elsy shop, I added a new piece of fabric for you toile lovers.  Also, yesterday I made a Kitty Quilt that is getting some looks.   I still don't have my kitty play pad perfected, so that isn't up yet, but maybe today.  

Larry is working from home so I plan to sew again today.  Not planning a trip to the big O until Friday.  One last chiropractor appointment before my ten day trip to P-cola.  Looks like the weather there will be in the 60's.  I'm "down" with that!   Have a great day!

Quilting Tip of the Day!
Continuing from Beverly Blessing's Article on Care and Storage of Your Quilts (Am Patchwork & Quilting 10/95)  

"Proper Prevention Methods:  Prewashing all fabrics when you make a quilt helps assure washability of the finished product.  ( I dont do this, as previously admitted to...unless the fabric is one that I think might "bleed")   Also use washable batting.  Each time you piece or quilt (either by machine or hand), thoroughly wash your hands to remove all oils, acids or salts that easily can be transferred to your fabric.  Avoid working where food, drink (my coffee too???), or pollution could stain, attract insects or leave unwanted residue on your project."  Happy Quilting!


krissybizz said...

Cute pics of L & R! They're so full of personality. BTW - how did you add your weather thing on your page? I tried finding one once & couldn't.

Luann said...

What day do you leave? Glad you had a nice weekend!!

JeffxOmaha said...

haha i'm glad you're "down" with that :)

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