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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Back!

. I had to post pictures of my fun visit with my bff Kathy in Pensacola, Florida. The weather was awesome and we did so much together!

The Picture of me and my friend was on the same beach as the picture from last year that is posted on my previous blog. A nice lady took it for us.

We Shopped...the pillows were in a shop called "Duh!" and they gave me some fun ideas.

The food is from a wonderful place in Gulf Shores Alabama "the home of the throwed rolls"..we overate!

And the Iris Print is a new buy that Kathy made while we shopped in Downtown Pensacola.

Im glad to be home. Feeling a bit overwhelmed but will get myself under control in a day or two.!  

 Oh and this is buddy and friend!

I couldnt pass up a Sailor, even if he WAS made of bronze. This one was outside the Navy Museum at NAS (Navy Airstation, Pensacola) where Jeff went to A school. I did see some Phase I sailors at the Mall and without hesitation gave a hug and a thank you! 


Luann said...

Very fun...I'm glad you had a great time!! I missed you!

Kathy said...

I missed you too! I missed everyone...but the weather made it worth the "miss"!

krissybizz said...

Kathy, Nice pictures. Next we talk, I'll tell you what I found out about adding pics to your posts.

Kathy said...

Thanks Kris, that will definatly be something I want to know...about the pictures...crazy!

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