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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Touch of Spring!

 This was a very busy weekend!  We had a great supper with our friends in Harlan and watched an action packed movie with them...Larry and I went to the Quilt & Flower Show in Omaha on Saturday.  My friend, Pam Witt had 4 quilts on display there.  It was all so gorgeous!  The top pic is of a bed sized quilt that is all reverse applique!  It was totally amazing!  And the flowers made me very anxious for spring weather.  Our temp this morning is -11 and I am sooooo ready to go to Florida to see my bff Kathy.

We also saw the movie Grand Torino.  It a good movie.  Clint Eastwood is always good.  Babysat for 3 of my grandchildren, went to goes on and on...all in all a great weekend!  I even got a special visit with my niece and nephew, my sister and my brother in law.  Unfortunately it was at the funeral of my brother in laws father, so the setting was not for fun, but it was nice to visit with them.

Quilt Tip of the Day!
Proper Cleaning Methods:  At least annually, shake and air your quilts on an overcast, dry and breezy day.  Do not hang your quilts over a wire or clothesline, but spread them out on the grass over towels or a mattress pad.  Refresh cotton quilts with a spin in the gentle cycle of your clothes dryer, without heat. To remove accumulated dust, without damaging your quilts surface decorations, vacuum it gently with piece of nylon net over the head of the hand vacuum or hose attachment tool. Avoid any abrasion of your quilt. 

If you must wash your cotton quilt use cold water with a mild liquid detergent (never bleach) and either machine wash it on gentle cycle or wash it by hand, being careful not to wring or twist it. Because wet quilts are heavy, support it properly when moving it to a flat area to dry.  Dry cleaning generally is not recommended, but is the appropriate method for wool or silk quilts if the soil cannot be vacuumed or gently brushed off.
(from Care and Storage of your Quilts by Beverly Blessing, Am Patchwork and Quilting 10/95)
*note from Kathy...."my quilts are made to be loved and used.  The above information is for those quilts that you want to become an heirloom  or have a very special meaning...generally the quilts made for usage, can be washed and dried in the washing machine, using cold water and gentle detergent and gently cycles.  I for one, am blessed if the quilts I give are worn thin from being used to cover up with love!"  


Luann said...

Gald you had a fun weekend. We think we want to see Gran Torino, too, but haven't made it yet...always like Clint Eastwood. I must be getting old :)

krissybizz said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend. Trying to get caught up here. Kathy - don't forget to add my blog onto the Sow a Seed page as favorites. Checked Laurens!!

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