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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Best Laid Plans...

OK, so I pretty much know that this is NOT a picture of daffodils and tulips...I have been looking for my pictures of my daffodils and tulips all day long and cannot find them. I don't know if I deleted them by accident or what, but there are NOWHERE! I photographed them this past spring so that I could "map-out" where to add bulbs. "The best laid plans...."

Larry and I went to CB today. We went to Sam's and I bought 100 bulbs for daffodils (all yellow) and 100 bulbs for tulips (all red). Now to plant them without digging up all my old ones in the process. I'm grateful that my neck is feeling better and plan to get these babies in the ground sometime this week. Our temps are supposed to dip into the 20's this week, so I need to get busy before the ground freezes.


The best laid plans, even with a pattern can proof to be a challenge sometimes. BE FLEXIBLE! If you find you have run out of a fabric or just cant make the pattern instructions work, change em to fit what you have or what you know... You just might come up with a better end product! Happy Quilting!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back Home and behind!

Hello everyone! I'm finally home from Sioux City and at a point that I can sit with you and have a cup-o-c! I found my favorite coffee at the store the other day, so I'm sipping away...Hope you are too.

Sioux City was wonderful. The conference was a blast. A few of the speakers were painfully boring but for the most part it was fun, funny and full...full because we ate so much I thought I would burst. Just when you thought you ate it all..there was more...

The entertainment was excellent. The little girls at the top of the page are from a troupe of Mexican dancers that entertained us at lunchtime yesterday. They were all so beautiful and the costumes were amazing! Monday night we went to Sioux City's Orpheum Theatre to see Rockestra (see I'm telling you the truth when I say I thought the roof was going to come down on us... This is a full orchestra dedicated to turn all our rock and roll favorites into something new that will blow your mind! There were only about 300 of us in the audience but it felt like the place was full and we rocked the house down! Tuesday night was a blast too. We ate at a great restaurant called "Sweet Fannies". It was a locally owned place all decorated and dedicated to all the WWII fly boys. So quaint and the food was really yummy! There aren't many of the old guys left, but we sat in the booth decorated with one of the vet's pictures and turns out he comes there often and sits right in that booth. I have a special love for these old guys, as my daddy was one of them! My thanks continually go out to all or service people.

Anyway I got home yesterday afternoon only to hop in my car and travel to Omaha to see my chiro. Man was my neck locked up! So bad I was feeling somewhat nauseated after the adjustment. I will be so glad when this all gets better. It is, it is just going to take time.

I met Larry for supper at a Thai restaurant and home we came. I loafed all night and hit the sack by ten...

Quilting Tip of the Day...

More you might be a quilter if:
  • You cant balance your checkbook, but you can figure to the quarter yard, how much fabric you need to make a scrappy, queen sized Mariner's Compass Quilt.
  • There's no room in your pantry for food...its full of are the hall closet, the china cabinet, and the guest bedroom. In fact your husband has threatened to put locks on his dresser drawers if you keep eyeing them the way you do!
  • Your insurance agent has suggested to add a rider to your policy to cover your fabric stash!
Happy Quilting!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Well, its about an hour until the Red Sox game, so thought I would say hey and how are ya to any one reading my blog...

Its been a good day. We went to church in Omaha today and of course took Kaden with us. He was a good boy. We were disappointed that Ben and Stacey didn't make it to church and hope they are OK. Lauren and Josh met us for lunch at Godfather's, we made a stop for gas and milk and came on home.

I spent a couple hours at my friend Nancy's house. She lives on a beautiful acreage a few miles from me. Its the kind of place you would imagine seeing Civil War Southern Belles basking beneath their umbrellas sipping iced tea...or lemonade...I mean it! It is beautiful. I got to meet her new "baby" Millie...a new 4 year old hound of some kind. A great dog. Smart as a whip and very friendly. She is in hog heaven with five acres to call her own. A very fortunate rescued puppy!

I changed my header picture back to a Guam photo. I hope it works this time. I had cut and pasted the code from the Internet yesterday and everyone was not seeing it, so I changed it to a GW pic til I had time to fix it. I hope it is working now...Jeff should be there in a few weeks.

I will be going to Sioux City in the morning until Thursday, so my blog will be quiet. I will be taking my laptop, so I will be checking in, but dont think I will have time to blog. I am attending the Iowa Tourism Conferance. It should be a blast! I still have to pack and be ready by 7:30am. Im excited!

Quilt Tip of the Day

When 3 of my grandbabies were born, I made each of them a baby quilt. It felt so good to welcome them in to the world with a fun and bright little blankie... None of them, however became a favorite blankie and honestly I dont know if they even still have them. Last week someone asked my grandson Kaden something about the quilts I had made him. He said " My Nana never made me a quilt." I realized that he of course didnt remember it (he's 5) and it is of course a "baby" quilt and he wouldnt want to use it now that he is a big boy. I asked him if he would like a new one and he is estatic! Everytime I talk to him now, he wants to know when he is going to get his new quilt. He has chosen super heros as a theme (imagine that). So I will be seeking out Spider, Bat and Super man fabric. He even wants Iron Man, but I dont think they have that yet... I have found the pattern I will use and will try to get it finished for Christmas. Today he asked me if it would be "like, a baby quilt or a quilt for my whole bed?" For his whole bed, he's a big boy now...

It reminds me of my oldest grandson, Dustin. He was about 13 when my youngest son graduated high school. He saw the quilt I made for Jeff as a graduation gift (pictured above) and had seen the one I made for Lauren graduation. He very innocently asked "does everyone in the family who graduates, get a quilt?" I answered "only if I like them...." Of course he got a quilt for graduation too. :)

My tip? I dont really have one today, other than to keep your antennas "up" so you can be sensitive to those around you that will want the gift you can so lovingly give...

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