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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Navy Moms Rule!

Today has been a virtual whirlwind! Nationally the weather is horrible! We have frigid cold weather with dangerous wind chill temperatures hitting -30 and more! There is ice and snow both on the east coast and west coast and blizzard conditions in the upper Midwest. Needless to say air and auto travel is more than nasty, it is near impossible.

I sat glued to my computer today watching our Sailor Rescue List go nuts trying to help young men and women who were trying to get home for the holiday. Many kids were and continue to be stuck in airports in Milwaukee, Denver, Seattle and even San Diego! The moms are worried sick, but the kids are frustrated. They just want to get home and instead they are spending days of their leave time sitting in airports.

Navy Moms have come to the rescue in several instances. Just watching the forum's comments coming in was like watching an active game of ... what? I don't know, but my head was spinning. These women swung into gear like a special ops unit! It is amazing to me that a complete stranger would leave their home in crazy inclimate weather to pick up a kid, take him/her home, feed him and give him a place to stay until they take him back to the airport when the planes finally decide they can fly. I even saw an instance where a mom was going to call the restaurant and give her own credit card number so another mom's kid could eat! I guess it isn't so amazing, because all I could think of was how I wish I could be one of the moms driving to pick up a Sailor in need. And how grateful I would be if someone helped Jeff if he were in trouble. Its comforting to know that someone would!

This is what Christmas is about. Its giving of oneself unselfishly and unconditionally. Just like Jesus did for us...the true meaning of Christmas...Christ...these women are behaving in a Christ-like manner and it blesses me to be part of it!

Quilting tip of the day!
Giving a quilt for a gift this year? My recommendation is to wash the quilt before giving it away. It makes it nice and soft and ready to use. Also some of those sneaky threads you thought you got all trimmed off tend to show up and you can get em! Also enclose a note card with washing instructions. I always tell my gift recipients that the quilt is intended to be used and then how easy it is to wash and dry!


Luann said...

I'm sure you're seeing all kinds of cool "rescue" stories...I know you would be doing whatever you could!! Have a great day and God bless!!

Kathy said...

I may have my chance, as we are organizing a Safe Harbor network, so that if traveling Sailors or soldiers need help, we will be on the map! It makes me feel good, as I would want others to reach out to my son if he were in need! Its the least we can do for our service people.

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