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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Over for another year....

Our Christmas!
Yesterday we had our big family Christmas! How fun it was to have all but one of our family with us...All seven grandkids and 3 of our four children.

We got to chat with Jeff long distance from Japan on our new Skype and our new web cam. How fun it was for all 16 of us to pile in the room in front of the computer screen and tease Jeff. I hope he felt a little bit like he was home with us. It was pretty hard not to be silly especially when you know he cant reach out and smack ya! It's so good to see him laugh. His smile lights up my heart.

Having Brian back from Iraq is such a blessing, but having him here with us for the first Christmas in over a decade was wonderful. Thank you Lord, for keeping him safe.

Josh is our new "rib man". We waived from traditional fare this year. I figured everyone would be quite tired of turkey and ham and knowing that baby back ribs are a favorite of Lauren's Josh, we decided to make them the main entree...He did a fantastic job and everyone woofed them down. We think we will keep him around awhile...a long while I hope! Oh! What is a baby back rib you might ask? Ben has the answers, the rest of us didn't listen close enough to his lecture about that... :)

Grandma Clara was the hit of the day for bringing batman toys for the boys. Faith was NOT to be left out..The boys were so cute in their masks and played with the actions figures all day. They were calling each other the "Bat-Brothers". I had crafts for them to do if they got bored, but will save those for another time, as being bored was the furthest thing from reality! They built bat caves, and danced to old Micky Mouse Club songs. Believe me they crashed last night and slept like 3 little logs.

We were able to see our little Ellie really walk for the first time. She has been taking baby steps for awhile, but she is off and running now! Such a beautiful and good-natured little angel.

They all left this morning and now the house is quiet again. Ricky has come out of hiding and Lucy (the most social one) is napping. Larry is settling down in front of the TV for some football. We are tired, but oh so happy to have had this time with our "off-spring". God is good.

Christmas is over for another year. Which means another year is gone. I feel so happy and blessed to have been given this family. To be able to have them all home at one time is awesome. Even tho Jeff was so far away, modern technology assisted in bringing him right into the room with us! I am grateful. This year is gone, but a new one is about to begin. Yes, I will make some resolutions...that most likely will be broken. Its fun to make goals and at least try to "turn over a new leaf". I will share mine when my list is complete.

Quilting Tip of the Day!

With the New Year right around the corner, make some goals for your quilting "life". Here are mine:
  • Organize my sewing room(usually ends up being a monthly thing!)
  • Finish at least one unfinished project a month
  • Make MY quilt tops a priority to get quilted
Happy Quilting!

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Luann said...

Sounds like a near perfect Christmas...glad you were able to enjoy it!!!

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