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Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Shirts, New Kitty, New Plans!



Anyone ever involved in Military life knows that nothing is set in stone! Plans for Brian's homecoming have changed more times than you change a newborn's diaper! It is so frustrating to all of us. I'm sure most frustrated is Brian himself and his wife and kids. They just want their hubby and daddy home. As it is turning out, it looks like he wont be here until sometime on Saturday afternoon. Again, our travel plans are on hold. If he indeed comes on Saturday, I wont be going. I have to be in Walnut for a Community Club event on Sunday by noon. Larry hopefully will still be able to go...again, should we find his arrival plans change, our plans will change. Hurry up and wait! I'm not good at that.

The top picture is a shot of the GW shirts I had designed at a nice print shop in Atlantic. Aren't they cool? I have a huge box of shirts to take to the post office this morning. These shirts will be sent from coast to coast (Florida, Maine, Rhode Island to California and Oregon) and all points between. The mothers of the GW kids have "banded" together to support our kids and each other and these shirts commemorate that. The back says Band O' G-dub Mutha's 2009 World Tour...then listed beneath is each mom's son's last name with hometown...We sold 62 shirts! Some how this makes me feel like I'm still part of Jeff's life and makes me feel like I'm somehow closer to him. We are hoping the kids will wear them, and will be able to recognise who else has a crazy mother on the GW families discussion group. They were designed to look like band tour shirts...I think Gene did an awesome job!

The 2nd picture is my little "Boo"...he was on the back steps this morning waiting for food. He is one of the kittens who were hanging around when they were really little, several months ago. I recognise that sweet little face! I'm sure he didn't feel welcome while Toby was here, but now...well, now he can be my porch kitty. He is beautiful...Nearly all black, a white spot way low on his belly. I saw it this morning as he stretched and rolled around a little for me...yes, I'm sure he is a boy. I will give him some time to get used to being around here, then I will try to get him fixed so he doesn't become the new King of Walnut! I sure miss Toby, but I guess God knows I need an outdoor kitty to take care of. So, welcome to my home, Boo-kitty!


Kathy-Mom said...

These shirts are so cool. I am sure-in fact positive the sailor guys will like them. Tell Jeff we want a picture of him in his, and then be sure to post it.
Boo Kitty is darling-make sure he stays nice and warm somewhere. Poor little guy. Our kitties don't know how lucky they are! Tekoe takes me for granted.

krissybizz said...

Great shirts! And a great idea...
Boo is sounds like he may be a bit more friendly with you. And it will be good to take of his "Daddy Abilities" early!

Kathy said...

Boo is still sleeping outside by my porch...I hope he will call this home. Im trying to figure a way to make a good outside bed for him....I think he is living under our porch...maybe? Its pretty protected under there, but nothing soft...kitties need something soft...

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