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Friday, December 19, 2008

New Blinds....

When we moved in nearly six years ago the blinds in the house were 1940s dark green and ghastly! I never got them replaced after I ripped them off the window for their ugliness! So for nearly six years my main floor has been shade-less. I finally ordered some to fit all my main floor windows and I love them! They were installed yesterday. Do you like them? If you live in my area, contact Interior Touch Inc (Cathy) 712-243-5435. You will get a great deal and wonderful service.

To prewash fabric or not to prewash fabric? THAT is the question. There are several points of view on this subject and this would be a personal decision for the quilt-maker. For me? I am not a prewasher. I like the extra sizing on the purchased fabric and find it easier to cut. A huge plus is that I save time washing and pressing. There are some fabrics that I will test for color fastness (is fastness a word?), like reds and some blues...I take a small snippet of fabric and put it in a bit of boiling water then squeeze it out in a paper towel, to see if any color "runs". If it does, I wash it all. Another reason to prewash is that any shrinkage in the fabrics will occur prior to making the quilt. Again, I personally like the shrinking to take place after the quilt is finished. The "puckers" are very quilt-y to me! If you are a new quilter, my suggestion would be to make your decision and then stick to it. Either wash and iron all your fabric before cutting, or leave the washing til after the quilt is made. Be consistent to avoid confusion and uneven shrinking! Happy Quilting!


krissybizz said...

I love that picture of Lucy & Ricky!

Luann said...

Your windows look great. And that pic of Lucy & Ricky should be entered in a contest---it's very cool.

Kathy said...

yes, these two kitties make my life exciting! I keep the camera handy!

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