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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Gifts!

Pictured above is the ornament I received today as a my part of an exchange we did on Navy Moms USS George Washington discussion group. Isn't it beautiful? It came from Sheryl G. in California! I love it, love it, love it! This little ornament symbolizes the unique relationship we ladies on Navy for moms have. We very well may never meet each other, this side of heaven, but there is a bond because of what we are going through with military kids. Thank you Sheryl! This will be sparkling on my tree for years to come!

As I grow older, it seems its the little things that touch my heart the most. My love language has always been"gifts" and Ive always loved packages, cards and surprises. Some of the things I have loved the most are gifts from the heart, not gifts that have broken the bank! Except of course the beautiful diamond ring my darling husband bought me 3 years ago for Christmas! THAT was the gift of all gifts, never to be topped! But when I think of the gifts I really remember, they are the ones that weren't on my "list", things that most times cant be found in a department store or gift shop...

  • I have a stack of those little cards you get with flowers and computer home made cards that have come from Larry. He has always written the sweetest love notes. He says he isn't creative, but these written words from him are precious to me. I don't remember so much flowers as I do the words. Larry's gift are always the greatest, but it's the love letters that really stick with me!
  • I also have a small stack of birthday and Christmas cards from my Dad, who we lost last February. He was never really much for words, but in his last years, he seemed to soften some and even ended our phone conversations with " I love you, honey". He also gave some final gifts that were more than the normal Christmas Check...earrings, bracelet and a necklace that I consider priceless.
  • I have two pictures that I got from Lauren each talking about the unconditional love of a mom etc. I have them in my sewing room and each time I look at them, my heart warms. Looking at these remind me what we have gone through together. Watching her grow into a mature, beautiful young woman and awesome mom, has been a blessing to me. To say that my daughter is one of my best friends is a great gift!
  • I have photos on the fridge that were made especially for me by my grandchildren for valentines day and other things. I look at them each time I open the fridge ( which is way too often) and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
  • Then I have the gift of Jeff's annual letter. I wont even go into that today. I will wait for another time when I have the time to sit and share...maybe even on Christmas Day.
So, as I age, I think I'm becoming less of a gift person and more of a "encouraging word" person...What I find I am valuing is not things, but people! We are so blessed to have a family of four children who love and respect us and that we in turn, love and respect. We are enjoying watching our 7 grandchildren grow. We are enjoying each other. I am enjoying the time to spend with friends and family and being involved in things I've always dreamed of being able to do.

My life is a gift. I thank the Lord every day for his provision of health, wealth and happiness! As Christmas gets nearer, I hope you, too will think about what is important in your life and not only be grateful, but show gratefulness for what you have.

Quilting Tip of the day...
Take the rest of the week off from quilting and enjoy your family!


Luann said...

Hope you two have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your time with each other and kids. We have SO MUCH to be grateful for, don't we? God bless you two and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

krissybizz said...

Love the ornament! Hope you two don't get too lonesome on Christmas!

Kathy said...

Talked to Jeff on the phone a little bit ago. He is going with his room mate to pick up the roomies dad at the airport. Hopefully they will include Jeff in some of what they do..there are lots of kids with no one there, so they wont be alone. so that;s good. I already miss him. I couldnt help but start crying when he asked me if I was going to be ok....leave it to Jeff to think of me, not himself. I just dont want him to be lonely...if he is happy then Im happy, but I dont think he would tell me if he was lonely.

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