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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My $10 Scrap Quilt

As promised yesterday, here is a picture of my little quilt I bought for $10 at an antique sale. The guy had been using it for wrapping around furniture! I had to rescue it. I like to do that. When I find a quilt that seems ugly to a lot of people, I see the beauty and charm. I have several to share with you in the future...Sort of like cats, I would take all the stray ones in if I could. Do you see how this fun lady used blue as her focus color, but injected some green, purple and even a little black and red...all the same family, but the quilt "reads" as blue. The "surprise" on this quilt was a block done with brown and white check! This gal followed all the rules... Click on the pic for a larger view!

Quilting Tip of the Day
(back Ways to Choose and Use Scraps-Quiltmaker 9-10/01

To stay a bit in control of your scrap quilt:
  • Consider your flamboyancy quotient. You may prefer to keep your color choices controlled.
  • Restrain your use of scraps by using a common color scheme thruout an entire quilt.
  • Limiting the colors in a quilt doesn't mean you have to limit the number of fabrics you use: a red and white quilt could have 100 red prints and 100 white prints.
  • Use a common background to unify a myriad of prints.
  • Calm scrappy blocks by using a simple setting.
  • Or add a large dose of a neutral color.
  • Choose a variety of colors for the blocks, keeping consistent value placement to determine design structure (which sounds like something you would have learned in design class, which I know nothing about).
See? I think if you read back over these from my previous posts, you will see that this little bear paw quilt fits the bill with these rules...maybe that's why I was so drawn to it.
Happy Quilting!


krissybizz said...

I, of course, love this quilt!

Kathy said...

O me too. I watched it sit in a heap on the street outside my door for 3 days and finally went out and asked the guy if he would sell it to me..."yeah ten bucks!" I love it. There is no batting and the quilting is by machine and not done very well, but it is beautiful...something about the colors!

Luann said...

Fun--I love the way you see things I would never notice!!

Kathy said...

Luann, you have many many gifts...I thank God for your friendship!

The Thrifty One said...

I love the picture of Loren and Jeff.
Ah-the good old days.

I have several old quilts somewhere around here packed in a box in the attic I think. One was used by the movers too put over furniture also. The other was made by Wally's Grandmother. You will have to check them out when you come.

Kathy said...

I would think that my bff of 43 years would be able to spell my daughter's name! It is L_A_U_R_E_N. Anyway, yes I would love to check out your quilts when I am there in FEBRUARY!! I cant wait, as I watch snow fall to the ground here now.

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