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**Please note..The other half of my life is dovoted to helping feral and free roaming cats in Walnut and the surrounding areas. You can learn more and follow our activites there at Walnut Iowa's Feral Cat Program! **

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A View From The Top

This photo was taken by my friend, David. Click on the photo to get a larger view and the full effect! He is working on the wind turbines that are sprouting up all over around Walnut. He is a "checker". He goes up the towers and crawls out to check something...I'm not sure what. I think actually he should be checking to see if he has any sense! This looks horrifyingly scary! I guess there really is a job for everyone and that God gives each of us talents to do what has to be done. Being 300 feet up in the air must be like hanging out of an airplane. David and his wife, Stephanie have been staying with us since the first of October. They have occupied our little apartment area in the basement. It has been a blessing having them here. They have been the perfect renters. Hardly a peep out of them and so fun getting to know them. Today, however, they had to find new lodging. Unfortunately Stephanie has an allergy to my kitties. She didn't tell me about it, hoping that it would be OK since they would only be here until after Christmas and then would be moving on. BUT, they kicked in during the past couple days to the point that she could hardly breath. I'm sick about loosing them. I hope they will be OK in their new situation and I hope we can remain friends and still see each other.

"Quilting Tip of the Day"
Step outside your box with color....while staying in one colorway is "safe" it usually makes for a pretty drab, flat and uninteresting quilt. Add some "zing" or spark by incorporating a shot of something unexpected. My friend Pam just finished a little quilt for Quilts of Valor. It is red, white and black...BUT to add some dazzle she put in a touch of turquoise! Perfect! Happy Quilting!


Luann said...

Sorry about your will miss them. Are there many other things available in Walnut or will they have to live in another town? I know you enjoyed having them there...too bad.

Kathy said...

I will defiantly miss them. THey found a place here in town, at the Red Carpet Inn. I hope it will be ok for them. I so enjoyed having them and I know it was a blessing to them...before she got sick that is. I hope it will work out for them. They still have about six weeks here in town.

tina said...

Hi kathy, this is tina, i have loved perusing you and your friends blogs, lots of fun on an old grey day.
besides our love of kitties and our kids, i have found other things we have in common; i cant wait to try that new shrimp bisque soup; i too love to use olive oil, and coconut oil on skin. prior attire sounds so cute, like a place i would love. maybe some day i will come see you; step up to life- pastor murdock was our pastor for some time. boy, that guy could sing, too! and now im going to read about wd40....

Kathy said...

Hi glad you like my site....its been fun...Im telling the shrimp soup is to die for! You will love it! Please come see me sometime....I sure miss Pst Murdoch's singing...I always told my hubby I love the "Sinking Sand" one he sings the best..he is the greatest! I hope you will stay in touch!

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