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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday...yikes Im busy!

Hello to my faithful few readers! And if you faithfully read this and I dont know it, become a follower, so I dont think Im talking to the wall!

Just a note to say this day has been busy busy! I started the day with a nice long "chat" with my Sailor! He is finally on land and in a barracks room. It sounds really nice, with a full sized fridge, microwave, his own desk and lots more room than he is used to. Even maid service! Its about time he felt pampered! We are going to get skype set up and web cams so we can talk.

My friend Stephanie came over and we had a fun lesson on how to apply borders to our quilts...thus the tip of the day below...the only hard part was, that we had to unsew all her borders and reapply them so they would lay flat...not fun, but now she knows and she will have nice borders from here on out!

We are going to supper with friends tonight at our favorite mexican place in Harlan. Yum! I found a free online website to learn spanish so i might be trying some of my words out soon. Its always so embarrassing!

Quilt Tip of the Day!
It's hip to be square!!!

When we finally finish a quilt top, it is so tempting to cut a long strip of fabric and sew it to the side of the quilt top and lope off the ends and call them good. Problem is, that quilt tops, no matter how hard you try are most likely not square....and you end up with a quilt top that is lopesided and has wavy borders, most nasty to quilt...and not so good looking either...

The proper way to apply borders is:
  • lay the quilt top down on the floor
  • measure down the middle of the quilt lengthwise...whatever this measurement is, cut two of your border strips to match.
  • Now pin the borders to the lengthwise sides of the quilts. You will most likely find that the border and the quilt size do not match...ease the quilt top to match the size of the cut border...make it fit! Sew on and press.
  • Now lay the top on the floor again and measure accross the middle widthwise. Cut two more border strips this measurement.
  • Pin as you did the other two borders, make them fit...and sew on... Now you have forced your quilt into square...
Repeat this process for all borders you add to the quilt. It takes alittle more time, but you will be happy with the results... Happy quilting!

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Luann said...

Glad you guys could come last night. It was a real treat, as always!! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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