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Monday, November 3, 2008

Lauren's Birthday Cake...

Happy Birthday Lauren!

This morning Im making Lauren's favorite birthday "cake". It isnt cake at all, its Danish Puff Pastry! Its her favorite and I hope to surprise her this morning with a pan of it for her own self! It isnt your usual birthday cake, but just like Lauren, it's unique, beautiful and delicious!

Sometimes I wonder if Lauren can realize how much I love her... She has always been my independant one. I guess first borns are like that...independant...I love that about her... We dont have a real touchy-feely relationship and she doesnt open her heart often, but that is what I love most about her...she is herself and herself is wonderful. And when she does share her heart, its powerful and real. I love it when she calls for a recipe, I love when she calls, just to say hello...I love that I ve read on her myspace silly survey's that her answer to "who gives her the best advice or who is her hero"'s me. Sometimes mother-daughter relationships can be difficult, and we have had our trials, but now I consider her one of my best friends and that is fun! I think the very first thing I said when she was born, was " She's so beautiful..." I wondered if it was just a mother's eye that only saw beauty no matter what, but she was beautiful...from day one. The best part is, that as she has grown and matured, she has become more beautiful on the inside than even she is on the outside. I dont let a day go by without thanking God for giving her to me...It has been very interesting watching her grow up and become a mother herself. All I can really say is She is Awesome! Happy Birthday, honey!

"Quilting Tip of the Day"
Im working on a little quilt for Kaden for Christmas...I know he wants a Spider-man, Batman, Superman Quilt. Ofcourse he also wanted Ironman, but that novelty print has not been released yet...So I was looking thru some old Quilting Magazines and found the perfect pattern. It is a pattern based on Lighthouses...called Beacon's of Light and is from a book thats over 2 years old. It worked perfect for my super hero quilt...I actually didnt change the pattern at all except for adding my own color scheme and novelty print...I have the top nearly finished and will post a pic of it as soon as its complete.

My tip? KEEP YOUR OLD QUILT MAGAZINES. Dont just rip out what you think you like and save those patterns. What you like today may totally change in the future and also circumstances may change's amazing how I will look thru a magazine and think there are none I really like and a few months later, look thru it and it feels like Ive never seen it before and they are all beautiful! Just keep them and the next time you are hunting for something new, go thru them again. Just the right thing could very well be there! Happy Quilting!


The Thrifty One said...

What a wonderful tribute to Loren. She is a beautiful young lady, inside and out. Also, is a wonderful mother to your little Kaden.
Happy Birthday Loren.

Luann said...

Hi Kathy!! Very neat sentiments about Lauren...a wonderful daughter (or son) is a great blessing!!! Nothing better than becoming friends who trust each other.

The Thrifty One said...

Make that Lauren not Loren. Sorry.

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