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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I cant believe how fast time is going by. I have been busy, but it seems I'm getting nothing done. I haven't felt particularly "blog inspired" and that makes me sad. I wanted to write everyday, but it seems my life is simply not that interesting.

I have been busy with Navy for MOMs online. It's a great site that provides support and encouragement for moms, like me who have a son or daughter in the Navy. The one group I love the most is "USS George Washington Families". Myself and about 70 other mothers (some wives and girlfriends) share our heart and our feelings with one another and somehow we don't feel quite so crazy.

We are immersing ourselves in "projects". We have an ornament exchange coming up. I will get a name of one of the moms and I will send her a special Christmas ornament and she will send me one. I spent a little time today searching online and found a pewter ornament at the Navy Museum Gift Shop in DC. It is the Lone Sailor..pictured here...a memorial monument outside the museum. Very interesting story; I just spent the last hour trying to copy and paste the story, but I keep getting some dumb error message about key if you are interested, go to and and check it out for yourself!

So, because it took me FOREVER to get this much done...I will NOT be posting a quilting tip today....geez!


Luann said...

Sounds like Navy Moms is a great outlet for you. You must be feeling better???? I told Jon last night I need to call you because you are either really busy or not feeling well at all. Glad it's the busy!!

Kathy said...

Hey, Yeah the Navy moms help alot. Looks like Jeff hit port today...I havent heard from him yet but thats the word. I am busy, but neck is still not really well. healing is trying to take it easy. Thanks for thinking of me and praying for you!

Kathy said...
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