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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Earthquake in Guam yesterday!

Wow! Just heard that an earthquake hit Guam yesterday. Not a bad one, however. Just a 5. on the Ricktor Scale...No reports of damage or injury.

I talked with Jeff on Saturday morning about 4am. So, so good to hear his voice. He sounds really good and was looking forward to a couple days on the island doing the tourist thing. I will be anxious to hear how it was.

Larry spent the weekend in Lincoln with Ben and our grandson Dalton. They went to a Nebraska football game party. They spent the night, watched the game on a huge tv, got to tour the stadium and guy stuff like that. I'm sure they had fun.

I spent most of the day in my sewing room. I will show a pic of the finished product when its done, but its a fun little quilt for Kaden for Christmas. Went to supper with Cheryl and we visited for the evening, which was fun since she has been gone to Utah for a week!

Not a lot to write today...I've been feeling a little "off" lately. Well, more off than usual. Kaden and Lauren were sick last week and the week before Ben's family was. So I hope Im not coming down with something...I think I will rest a LOT today and take some AirBorne~

Tomorrow is Laurens birthday, so I will go to the chiropractor appointment at 10 and then maybe hang with her awhile. Not sure yet if I will "sleep the night" or not...depends on how I feel.
Quilting Tip of the Day
I am so glad there was not a hidden camera in my sewing room yesterday. I spent more time ripping than sewing... The little block Im using to make Kaden's quilt has a center focus square, then each is bordered with a gray and a cornerstone of a half square triangle square (sorry non-quilters, you wont "get" this one). Anyway in order for the pattern to work the hs triangle has to be positioned in a certain way on each square. I made 4 blocks before I realized that I had every block, but one WRONG! Ahhh! I ripped them out and put them back together correctly, but still made mistakes again...twice! I almost just let it go, but I realized I would be unhappy about it for the rest of the stupid quilts days, so I ripped and sewed until I had the first four right! From then on, I put ONE CORRECT BLOCK RIGHT NEXT TO THE MACHINE, so my dyslsic eyes wouldnt have to travel so far. I got all 18 blocks finished last night...

My tip? Lay a correct block close to your machine so you have a very convenient visual of how the block goes together. Sew all your border units together first before adding them to the block. Check and recheck...oh, and loosen you stitch length just a little, so ripping is easier! Happy quilting!


The Thrifty One said...

Shake, rattle, and rollin in Guam. Glad no one was hurt.
Say-have you heard anything about the Navy being off the the coast of Africa?

The Thrifty One said...

I checked it out and our Navy is patrolling off the coast of Somalia. The piracy along there is awful--it is a water route for trade. The pirates have taken over several big tankers. Pretty scary.

The Thrifty One said...

I checked out Navy for Moms--what a wonderful site. It's great to have others to talk to that are in the same boat--or ship. Now that's kinda funny, but I digress.
Is Jeff's picture in there amongst the others?

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