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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another Good day!

Ok so the new header picture is NOT the GW...It is actually the Kitty Hawk from last Christmas, but who can tell in the dark??...I dont think they have decorated the G-dub yet...but if the they do and I get a photo...I will be posting it! Aint it purdy???

Monday was a good day...I finally used Jeff's Christmas gift to me. It was a near all day at the spa gift certificate...I had a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. What a blessing to be pampered like that. The massage therapist (cant spell masuse...see?) was awesome....he found the bad parts of my neck and worked on them hurt so good!

I then spent the evening with my sewing buddies, the Bag Ladies...and spent the night with my friend Kandi. All in all a good day...

Oh! and gas is down to $1.59 in Omaha!

Quilting Tip of the day!!!
We all love when prices go down. Take advantage of fabric sales...Always check the sale rack at the fabric shop...sometime you can get hard to beat prices...remember, it takes a lot of fabric to back a quilt...go ahead and buy the rest of the bolt for that! Always nice to be able to "shop" for backing right in your own sewing room...

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