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Friday, October 10, 2008

Take Five Totally Different and Unique Women...

You take five totally different and unique women, put them in a car, send them to a quilt show and what do you get???? A LOT OF FUN!

And at the end of the day...they are bushed!

What a great time I had with my quilting buddies, (from left) Ione, Nancy, Stephanie and Elenore. We decided to go to the AQS National Quilt show on Wednesday. Elenore drove, Nancy navigated and the rest of us yakked in the back seat.

What a wonderful show! Over 800 quilts from all over the country! I will show you a few of my favs over the next couple days.

But the most fun was being with the ladies that love quilts like I do. The "chemistry" in the group was amazing and we had a blast! We ate a very expensive lunch at the show...$11 for a hot dog chips and a drink....a little over the top for me. I know these places over price their stuff, but this was worse than a major league baseball game! So we left before supper and ate at Perkins on the way home. That was nice!

Everything went well all day, except that Stephanie locked David out of the house and he had to sit in his pickup and wait for us to get there....poor David.!

"Quilt Tip of the Day!"

At the show, we saw many, many beautiful appliqued quilts and all of us want to be able to do that technique. We talked about the "best" way to applique. There is no best way. Try all the techniques to find out which one works best for you! Our guild is going to focus on applique this year and present all the techniques so our members can try them all and decide for themselves which works well for them.

So my tip today is learn several ways to achieve the same result, then choose the method that works best for you. There are several ways to make half square triangles...another example.... Happy Quilting!


Luann said...

Hey there--great to "see" you in blog world again. Would love to get together with you guys when either harvest or weather allows. Talk to you soon!!

Kathy said...

Thanks Luann...I have been missing being busy. We will look forward to seeing you two soon.
Have a good weekend!

Luann said...

Love the windmills on your picture--very cool

Kathy said...

thanks again Luan, I took this just the other day on the way home from atlantic. these things are sprouting up all over! They are beautiful and peaceful looking.

Kathy Mom said...

Hi Kath--love the pictures. I also like your glasses--very "classy".
I got home this afternoon-and am so tired. Steph's procedure went well.
I am getting ready for Barb's visit--very exciting.

Kathy said...

I didnt think you would be home til tomorrow...Im glad you had a safe trip! Welcome back and get some rest...

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