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Saturday, October 18, 2008


Its week's end already! I feel a LOT better. Thanks for thoughts and prayers to that end. I am still trying to hold myself back from doing too much. I wanted to go pick apples today with my friend Nancy, but Larry convinced me that it would be too soon and I might have a neck setback. Of course he is right, so I cancelled that plan. Im sitting in this chair, working on my blogs and planning on do a whole lot of nothing today.

I did hear from Jeff for two days in a row! He is work 12-16 hour days. He sounds good so that helps this mama feel better. He got the box of goodies I sent him and he loved it! He especially loved the little real pumpkin I put in there and others are wishing they had one! They are going to paint a little jack-o-lantern face on it and put it in the shop. Why didnt I think to send several? Next year. Im already planning on sending stuff for Thanksgiving and Christmas. He thinks he will be in Guam in the next few weeks so Im sure I will get a phone call.

Im dying to sew, but I am forcing myself to wait until I get back from Sioux City next week. I have Christmas aprons and table runners I want to make for Cheryl's shop and I would like to make a little quilt for Kaden. He has asked for one made of batman and spiderman fabric, so that will be fun.

This blog thing is growing. I have helped several people get up and going with their own and Im now hosting one for the Walnut Community Club. Check it out....
Quilting Tip of the Day
You know you are a quilter if...
  • The first four numbers on your speed dail are three quilt shops and the pizza delivery service!
  • You childrens name are (Sunbonnet) Sue, (Overall Bill) and Rose (of Sharon)
  • You've already measured your son's room and plan to convert it to a sewing room as soon as he leaves for college!

Stay tuned for more.... :) Happy Quilting!


Luann said...

I'm glad you're being smart to let yourself heal. It will pay off!!! Enjoy some R&R in the meantime.
Take care, Luann

Luann said...

Love your new picture!!

Kathy Mom said...

I can see it! Nice picture.

Kathy said...

If you are talking about the heavily protected GW picture, with subs and destroyers surrounding it, then thanks. I added it last night. I had had a picture of guam on it, but for some reason it was dissappearing on me. I could see it when I looked on my pc but it wasnt there on my I changed it. I dont know what was going on. I will try another one of Guam...when I have time.

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