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Friday, October 3, 2008

Have a Great Weekend!

Just wanted to post a picture of my beautiful daughter, Lauren. I talk so much about Jeff, that sometimes I think, she thinks I forget her...never happened!
She goes to court today for an "issue" with her to-be x-husband. I cant be with her (for the first time) and I'm praying all will go well.

My friend Pam, will be here this afternoon to help me get ready for the quilt show. She and two other friends, Kandi and Jessica will be here until Sunday sometime. I guess its time to get those clean sheets on, huh?

We are also welcoming a couple from Colorado to spend the next few months in our little basement apartment (of sorts). I have to clean and do some moving (including the computer) to get it ready for them to move in on Sunday.

So, its a big weekend for me. I will not be posting a blog until Monday most likely. But watch out for next week, I will have tons of news and lots of pictures!
"Quilting Tip of the Day!"

Piecing is easy IF.... the two biggest rules and ones that cannot be "fudged" on are:
  • must cut accurately or your pieces, not being the correct size will not fit.
Most quilting magazines will have a section to teach you the quilt basics. Please dont use your green cutting mat to measure. Always use the clear acrylic quilter's ruler to measure your strips. Its much easier to use the measurement that is laid "over" the fabric to get a good clean cut. It might feel kind of backwards at first, but you will get used to it and you will get more precise cutting.
  • seam allowance...we've talked about this before, but you must have a consistent seam allowance.
Just think, if you are 1/32 of an inch off on your seam allowance, it only takes 32 horizontal seams to be off a whole inch! This doesn't really matter if ALL your seams are off that much, that is where the consistency comes in...but if you are working with others on a group project, every one's blocks will be different sizes.

Our quilt guild ( has now made two raffle quilts, as a group. For each quilt we had 5-6 ladies working on the blocks...without a consistent seam allowance, we would have had much difficulty, but we did it! Check out our site to see the raffle quilt that will be given away tomorrow. The new one will be revealed at the show tomorrow and I will post a picture next week. Yes, we take checks, and will send the quilt anywhere!


Luann said...

Beautiful picture of Lauren. I will pray all goes well for her today. Enjoy your big show, and I will be anxious to hear all about it later!!

Kathy Mom said...

Lauren is beautiful-looks like her mom.
Let me know how her day in court went.

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