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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Sadie Diggs!

I don't even know Sadie and I love her! This morning as I read through the paper, I came across the page with birthdays, anniversaries and wedding announcements. I saw a picture of an old lady, looking like she was sitting in a wheelchair, reading a book. The caption said "Diggs 100 years". The article beneath read as follows:

Sadie Diggs was born on October 2, 1908, in Lexington Tenn.

"I am 100 years old. "I was young and now I am old. But I have never seen good people or their children begging for food. (Psalm 37:25)"

"We worry.
We worry about the IRS, and the SAT and the FBI.

We Worry that we wont have enough money
and when we have enough, we worry that we wont manage it well.
We worry that the world will end before the parking meeter expires.
We worry what the dog thinks when we step out of the shower.
We worry that someday we will learn that fat free yogurt is fattening.
Honestly now, did God save you so you would fret?
Would He teach you to walk just to watch you fall?
Would He be nailed to the cross for your sins
and then disregard your prayers?
He has put his angels in charge, so young people stay with God.
Treat everyone right and love your enemies. I have had a good life...thank God." Sadie

If that doesn't make your Sunday nicer, nothing will. The simplicity of words based on bible truth, but given a spin from an old lady who has seen 100 years of history along with her own life's joys, pains, celebrations and sorrows. I couldn't help but think and hope that when I am old (er) I will have this kind of attitude. Thank you Sadie, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Quilting Tip of the Day

To make a simple design wall purchase a large piece of felt or extra batting, tack or tape it to the wall and voila! In my sewing room (which is an attic) there is a small alcove area that I wanted to block off, so we could use that back area for storage. I used a mattress we no longer had use for, set it up right in the opening, covered it with a batt and I had a huge design wall! The blocks and pieces will "stick" to the felt or batt, but with the mattress, I can pin mine in. Ricky and Lucy like to tear down what I build up! Happy Quilting!


Kathy Mom said...

Bless you Sadie-Happy Birthday.
You are a very wise woman. We need more like you!

Luann said...

That is awesome---need to have it tattooed on my arm or something so I'll remember it...maybe not, not fond of pain. You gotta love a wise and spunky old lady!!

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