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Thursday, October 16, 2008


I finally have a moment to sit and share. What a full and great day it has been. I am still hurting with my neck problem, but I feel it getting better. The pain is different than it was a week ago and I can tell I am on the mend. I think some of it is stress and some of it is trying to move beyond some things I need to work through. Denial is a bad thing.

My good friend Stephanie prayed for me this morning. What a wonderful time we had. We then met my cousin and my friend Cheryl for lunch.

We also met with a lady in town and worked with her to set up an Etsy account so she can put some of her store items online. We came home, took photos of all the store items we are going to list, I made supper (soup in a pot!) and a pan of brownies to take to tonights Community Club meeting.

Tonights meeting will be interesting I am going to ask for the club's sponsorship of the Take Pity on the Kitties. Im hoping they will respond positively.

No email from Jeff again today. Its been a few days since I heard from him. I know now how my dad felt when I didn't write for days. Just the sight of the incoming mail, gives me reason to sigh some relief. Do you like my header picture and verse up top? I'm lonely for my son.

"Quilting Tip of the Day"

Have you had your machine serviced lately? Just like other things in your home ie: the air conditioning unit, or funace...your machine needs to be checked and cleaned annually if you are using it. Many frustrations can be avoided if your machine stays in good working order. You take care of your body and your care with regular check-ups. Dont neglect your sewing machine. Happy Quilting!


Luann said...

That is a really cool picture--amazing. I hope you're okay...haven't talked to you in a while. I know you're busy tonight, but call sometime and we'll catch up. I'll be praying for you and "whatever" is on your mind. Love you lots, Luann

Kathy Mom said...

You're post has a bit of sadness to it-I think. It is so hard when you don't know where your son is, what he is doing, etc. Then you will hear from him and all is well-at least for awhile, then the wondering and missing him again sets in. Kind of a vicious cycle. Please know that I am always available if you need a shoulder.
I know the present state of our wonderful country is on your mind also, as it is with most of us. We are going to be in a world of hurt if the wrong man is chosen to "lead" us. Talk to people that are undecided. We must pray and pray some more. Pray that people will have the wisdom to make an informed decision.

Kathy said...

I am feeling a little sad today. I'm ok tho. I was really sad to see four stray kitties on the streets just tonight, and an injured one yesterday in the alley. My heart breaks for them...

Yes I miss Jeff. and not knowing where he is and how he is is difficult, but Im trying hard to pull up my big girl panties and get over it. Geez, you would think I could grow up!

Luann said...

Who said we were supposed to grow up? It's okay to stay His little girl...He knows and He's with Jeff even though you're not.

Kathy Mom said...

It's ok Kath. I don't think because you miss your son you are not grown-up. Even with big girl panties we still can feel that way.
Do you remember how I use to hate the word "Panties"?

Kathy said...

Thanks so much...your words are always so encouraging. I will try to call you soon. I have to go to O today again for the chiro. Once I get this neck thing under control it will help.

Kathy, I hate the word panties too...and I do remember that you hate it...thats why i used made me smile...

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