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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feeling unfocused...

Good morning! I'm having "one of those days". Not feeling able to focus on much of anything right now. I have lots of things I want to do, but the things I need to do are pressing and I don't want to do them...

So! I posted a recent picture of Kaden which brightens my day and hopefully will yours too. This is him at his birthday party. Larry and I gave him the "Buzz Lightyear" toy. When he opened it he said " THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!" It isn't often one picks the right gift, but this time, thanks to Lauren, We hit the nail right on the head! BTW, the green headband has to do with a ninja Turtle costume. He liked that too!

After several weeks of having excruciating neck pain, I finally feel somewhat better. Thanks to faithful prayer and God's healing. Better enough that I know I will try to do too much and end up not feeling well again. So I am trying to reign myself in and wait a few days before I "hit it hard". I am reminded of God's word when He says..."Be still, and KNOW that I am God..." I have a hard time being still.

I'm having so much fun with my blog that Ive been recruiting newbies and will help another couple of friends get theirs up and running today and tomorrow.

But my mind is running in a thousand different places and my wheels are spinning nothing but ruts.

Yesterday was good. I got an appointment with my chiropractor in Omaha in the late afternoon, so I met a friend for coffee at 2 and then went to see him. Relief! I will go twice a week for awhile until my neck pain is under control. I got to spend the evening with Lauren, Josh and Kaden and that was fun. Kaden is a ball of energy. He is learning to read and write so we had fun thinking of "S" words. This morning, there he was at 5:30am ready for the day! I of course got up and played with him. When we were writing "S" words again, I said "This is what I'm going to do today...." and wrote a word....he said " Nana, are you going to SLEEP????" He was right, that is what I'm going to do this afternoon if at all possible!

Quilting Tip of the Day!

On days you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, dont try to do any sewing that is too complicated. You will find yourself making mistakes and getting frustrated with yourself. This would be a perfect day to take some of that old fabric you've had forever, and either cut it in 2.5" strips or 5" squares...or whatever other measurement you seem to use a lot of. Stack em up or put em in a zip lock and when there is an exchange or a scrap quilt you want to put together, you will have "tons o' pieces" ready! Happy Quilting!

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Luann said...

Congrats on hitting the home run on the birthday present---my girls are helpful with that, too. But I've been on the other side also when yours is not that great--bummer. You've been so busy--I bet your just worn out. Take a "head" break and give yourself a day or two off--eveything will start to focus again. Maybe some hot tea....

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