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Monday, October 27, 2008

Dewey Who?

It must be in the barometric pressure or the moon or something, but I cant stop crying! I have been feeling so much better. The pain in my neck is all but gone, but I feel very emotional. No it isn't hormones. I don't think I have any anymore. It's not funny.

I won a basket at the silent auction at the tourism conference. It was from Spencer Iowa. Filled with a hand blown glass vase, a beautiful hand lathed wooden bowl, tickets to the Clay county fair, even chips and salsa. But the best item and the reason I bid was because a little book was tucked inside called "Dewey". Its the true story of a library cat who lived in the Spencer Library for 19 years. His full name? Dewey Readmore Books...What a wonderful and warm story of a not just a cat, but an amazing little cat, that beat the odds and won the hearts of an entire town, much of the country and even some foreign countries. And yes, the picture on the front of the book of the cute little kitty is really Dewey, not an "air-brushed" model. I did a UTube search on Dewey today and the only ones I found were from someplace I couldn't understand the words... The book on tape was also included. I will be donating these to our library. The most appropriate place for it, dontcha think? So, Ive been crying for the afternoon, what have your been doing??? In these days of recessions, high gas prices, stock market woes, and the brink of our government falling off a cliff, it was nice to sit and escape into a read about a loving little creature that touched the lives of everyone who walked through the library door. I think I need to go hug one of my kitties, or all 3! I dont even want to stop crying.


Luann said...

Hey, friend, what's up? I liked the pictures of your dad and son...very cool. I'm home you need to talk? Do I need to say, "Read the book?" You know which one...the one that reminds you who's in control and who you can trust and surrender to. Hang in there...I'm're not alone.

Kathy said...

Hi Luann, No I'm really fine. I just had an emotional breakdown. I know all the stuff to do, I just needed to shed some tears...I get that way now and then. And then the little book about the little cat that DIES put me over the edge...I love ya!

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