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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Best Laid Plans...

OK, so I pretty much know that this is NOT a picture of daffodils and tulips...I have been looking for my pictures of my daffodils and tulips all day long and cannot find them. I don't know if I deleted them by accident or what, but there are NOWHERE! I photographed them this past spring so that I could "map-out" where to add bulbs. "The best laid plans...."

Larry and I went to CB today. We went to Sam's and I bought 100 bulbs for daffodils (all yellow) and 100 bulbs for tulips (all red). Now to plant them without digging up all my old ones in the process. I'm grateful that my neck is feeling better and plan to get these babies in the ground sometime this week. Our temps are supposed to dip into the 20's this week, so I need to get busy before the ground freezes.


The best laid plans, even with a pattern can proof to be a challenge sometimes. BE FLEXIBLE! If you find you have run out of a fabric or just cant make the pattern instructions work, change em to fit what you have or what you know... You just might come up with a better end product! Happy Quilting!


The Thrifty One said...

Is that one of the roses for your Dad? It is magnificent! Have fun planting 200 bulbs.

Kathy said...

Yes, This is the beautiful rose I got from my beautiful friend Kathy, and her beautiful DIL who I proudly claim as my own sweet Stephanie...They are the best flowers I have ever seen. I just picked four more the other day and they last like a week in water, maybe more...Once picked they dont open any more...they stay the same, so picked in different stages it is just spectacular.

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