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Friday, September 26, 2008

You will never believe it!

Ive been waiting for my grand-niece to arrive ( is that what you call your sister's daughter's baby?). She has been expecting this little girl to come for at least the last week. Finally this afternoon the baby came by c-section. Both mama and baby are doing well...only one hitch...the little girl is a boy! Oh the joys of modern medicine. Kids today have it all figured out...or so they think. They know within 3 days of getting pregnant. We had to wait 3 months to be sure. They know the sex (most of the time). We had to wait until the Dr said " Why, its a ----!!! Today the kids can almost pick their delivery date if their Dr. lets em. I hear there are even women who select the major surgery of a c-section to avoid the labor. I think some of the fun is the anticipation of what the sex will be and when the baby decides to come. Poor Heidi and Dan, they have been planning for a girl for so long. ALL the room decorations are girly and all the clothes of course are pink. We all bought girl baby gifts. They even have little wall decorations with her they don't even know what to call him. The important thing here is , mom and baby are fine and healthy. He was 7lb 3 oz...they have a romping, sweet little bundle of joy. She will now just have to do a little more shopping and some redecorating. What a great story to be told and retold as he grows up. Do you think God might be chuckling just a little bit?


Kathy Mom said...

You will have to let me know how they deal with all the pink stuff. Congratulations Great Aunt!

Kathy said...

Thanks Kath, as of this morning they still didnt have a name. I want to go see him tomorrow. Havent a clue what to take for a gift, but it shouldnt be hard, just something blue!

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