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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Obama said it " I think I have somewhat of an unfair advantage." And that he did. Having the forum at his college was the first unfair advantage. I'm sure most everyone there was told not to applaud either candidate, but he got some... 2nd advantage was that he got to go second, most of the questions were the same and as was stated by the commentator, they were not sequestered, therefore, Obama had time to pose his responses. Many of the responses were, in fact quite similar. Some of his responses are causing me to think a LOT. He said "we will make sure people serve". Scary. How do you make them serve? A draft? or something like that? If people don't have the patriotic desire in their heart to serve, then it wont be genuine. I serve in my community, not because someone is making me. If that were the case, I know I would feel like rebelling. I serve because I want to. I love my community and want to see it be and become the best it can be. Two of my sons serve in the Military, not because they have to, but because they want to. He went on to say that he would not draft (oh good) but that he would inspire them to serve. Isn't that what Pres. Bush has been doing ( or attempting to do) especially since 9/11? Sen. Obama also talked about the GI Bill and how his grandfather benefited from it after ww2. He wants to restore it. I'm pretty sure the GI Bill is still around, better than ever. He spoke of putting civilians to work in service" to our country. That some folks, like engineers etc would work on the government payroll, but wouldn't be military. We have that...everywhere....Obama was allowed to answer an Internet question, which was not offered to Sen McCain. Obama, being 2nd was asked to respond to answers by Sen. McCain...this didn't seem fair. Am I wrong or did Sen Obama get more time than Sen McCain...hometown advantage...all in all it really told me nothing new...other than they both think we should I think I will go shopping....and then get ready for the debates. I really hate getting polictial on my blog, but I had to express my opinion.


Don't give in to the temptation to set an ironing pad and an iron next to your sewing machine. This is so convenient, but bad for you! Set your ironing board on the other side of the room and GET UP and walk over to it to press your pieces as you sew. Sitting at that machine, will do a big number on your back and neck anyway. Why not get up, stretch and do a little walking. Having the ironing board AWAY from the sewing machine will force some movement.


Kathy Mom said...

Most of our media stations and "hosts" need to be on their knees thanking God they live in America. Any other country would have their sorry butts in prison or worse for what they have tried to do to President Bush. Mark my words-they will do the same to Mcain and Palin when they are in the White House.
In the meantime we can listen to them lie, and watch them fall all over Obama-like the God they make him out to be. A disgusting lot!

Luann said...

Hey there!! Any big plans for the weekend? Hope you get to do something fun...

Kathy said...

Wow, this weekend is going to be huge. I spent the WHOLE day at the Legion Hall helping with the Blood Drive. We are supposed to sew our new quilt top for the 2009 guild raffle tomorrow from 9-? I have to speak first at a ladies group about quilts of valor, then go sew...we are supposed to be in Omaha by 5 for the birthday party for my youngest grandaughter and my grandson. Braden and Ellie, ages 6 and 1 respectively. They asked us to stay all night, but I dont want to. I want to come home. Im bushed! How about you?

Luann said...

REC supper Saturday night...a couple of get togethers on Sunday to pick from if we're so inclined. A couple of things that are optional... Ready to relax a little. Doing better...looking forward to Saturday "the good day" :)

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