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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Introducing two of our newest "warriors" in the United States Airforce. Andrew (on the right) and Devin graduated last Friday from boot camp and will now go on to their next training. Andrew stays in Lackland and Devin is already somewhere in Mississippi. I was honored to attend their graduation ceremony and to spend a little time with these two. It reminded me so much of my own son's pass in review. Why, yes, I did cry. There is nothing to compare to the patriotism and pomp and circumstance that is displayed at these events. I watch these young men and women in awe. In a few short weeks they have transformed to men of honor and dignity. They are truly sacrificing for us. Dont ever let anyone convince you that they must be on the front lines to be called warriors. They all set their own lifes aside for me...and you. Please pray for the families that have released these young men and women into this service. Believe me, it isnt easy! Please pray for these two and all the others that are out there giving of themselves so that we might thrive. Wow...sounds like another familier Truth (with a capitol "T") God gave his only begotten Son, Jesus, to be sacrificed for our sin, so that we might live in abundance now and thru our belief in Jesus, enjoy eternity in heaven with Him! Praise God for sacrifice! ( John 3:16)


Make your vacation a memory by making it a point to visit at least one quilt shop! Pick up a fat quarter of fabric that will remind you of your trip or the event celebrated! I was in Texas and found a piece of Bluebonnet (state flower( fabric! As you know, I love floral quilts, so this will fit right in. I will remember my special time in San Antonio whenever I see a bit of it in my quilts! This is a cheap souvenior! Happy Quilting!


Luann said...

Hey welcome home!! It's good to "hear" from you again on here. I'm sure your time was great and can't wait to hear all about it... Thanks for being out there in blog world!!

Kathy Mom said...

We must never forget the sacrifices our military men and women make for our freedom and safety.
God bless them, and their families.
Glad you had a nice time, and you are home safe.

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