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Friday, September 19, 2008


Friday, I decided was the day to go through my closet and reorganize. Yuk! I hate it and I love it all at the same time. If you live in an old house ( mine is nearly 100 years old) you know that the closets are not very large. Ours, having been a Bed and Breakfast, is worse yet. We have four bedrooms on the 2nd floor, our closet has been made into a bathroom, and two of the others are not in any way shape or form walk-ins. You open the door and they are shallow, with several hooks on the wall and that's it. Cool looking and authentic, but not very useful. Only one has a rod in which to hang clothes and it isn't very big, but it is the one I have adopted as my own! In fact that whole room has become my "dressing room". Anyway, its getting cooler and time to put away the summer clothes and bring up the winter clothes.

As you can see, I had a LOT of assistance! From top, Possum,Ricky, and Lucy . They all ended up right in the middle of everything!

Still no little grandniece!

"Quilt tip of the Day!"
There are so many pretty wide fabrics now to use for your backings. We have a shop in Walnut, Olde Tyme Quilting...Julia is known for her choices in wide backing fabrics. The variety is always getting better. BUT, if you have time and are feeling creative (or if you want to use up some of your "stash") think not only of piecing the backing, but adding some pazazz! I like using several different fabrics on the back. Why not make a big nine patch, or stripes...or make a few extra blocks from the quilt block pattern, and then run it down the middle of the back? Maybe make this a place to use up some of your "orphan blocks". I like interesting backs...they can be fun...they can add a little surprise to your quilt! Happy quilting!


Luann said...

Hey, love the ads on closet's not sewing!! Hope you're having a great day and enjoy tonight. Talk to later..

Kathy said...

Funny! I do orgainize sometime too...take some hints from those ads...I will!

Kathy Mom said...

Great helpers you have there.

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