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Thursday, September 11, 2008

IT'S RAINING TODAY -Fitting for 9/11

Hello everyone... We have a very rainy and nasty day today. Perhaps its fitting since this is the anniversary of the terrorist attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. I hope all will reflect on that horrible event and pray to God that something like that never happens again. President Bush gets a lot of bad rap, but I feel he has protected us against other attacks that would have been eminent if he hadn't deployed our young men and women into service over there. I have two sons serving in our Military, one in Iraq and one on his way to Japan. I am a very supportive Navy/Army Mom, so don't get me started! Wear the red white and blue, hang your flag, tell a soldier you appreciate his service, pray! And most of all TRUST the leadership in this country. God, the creator put the kings on their thrones, but He will reign as King of King and Lord of Lords(Rev 19:16).

I want to quilt on my machine today, but the light isn't the greatest, so I will wait to see if the sun comes out. I have a quilt all loaded and ready to go! I hope it does, clear up even tho we are in desperate need of moisture. Its days like this that make wish I had the "oomph "to go bake some cookies...not really, that was a joke. It really is days like this that make me want to sleep! ha! But a good sewing day and I am on my way to the attic to spend the day with some log cabin strips!

I got an email from my Navy son today. He sounds good. He is being rewarded with 3 days off for working hard. He wonders why everyone doesn't just work hard, because it is the right thing to do. 3 days off will feel good to him, I'm sure. I'm so proud of him. I miss him.

All the talk these days is about re-cycling and "going green". How about making your own greeting/ note cards? You can purchase a pack of 100 invitation sized envelopes and card stock quite inexpensively. Cut the card stock in half and fold to make your card. Now find some fun fabric in your stash that you can "fussy cut". Press some wonder under on the back of the fabric, fussy cut out the shapes and iron them onto your card stock. Voile! Inexpensive and fun cards that can be used for birthday, anniversary...or just a note to say "HI".


Luann said...

Great pictures!!! I love your card idea--no sewing makes it extra special :) Thanks for the talk last night--have fun!!

Kathy Mom said...

Jeff looks confused or disgusted-one of the two. Great picture! The one of you two together is sweet.
Glad he is getting recognition for a job well done.
Did you order the Navy Mom Dog Tag?

I can cut and I can iron, therefore, I can make cards. TaDa.

Kathy Mom said...

Love what you added to Jeff's picture. Very cute.

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