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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It Was a Beautiful Day!

Im writing this on Tuesday night, as I will NOT be around tomorrow to write a post. I will be attending a tourism meeting in Corning and will be gone until late tomorrow evening.

Today was busy and productive. I finished quilting our 2009 raffle quilt. We made the whole thing in less than 3 days! Check out the Nishnabotna Valley Quilt Guild site to read about it. (see happy places to visit, on the sidebar) I also finished quilting a customer quilt, and made an outline for our guild meeting tonight. It was a beautiful day! The guild meeting went well. I love the ladies there. We are "bonding" and are having so much fun.

I took this pic the other day. It is one of my new rose bushes that were given to me by my BFF and her DIL as a memorial to my father. They are the most beautiful roses I have ever seen. They are called "Veteran's Honor" How fitting. I'm just glad they grew! Thanks Kathy and sweet Stephanie!

Quilting Tip of the Day!
Not feeling particularly creative? Let others inspire and motivate you! At our show and tell tonight a few of us were tempted to feel less confident, unable to measure up to what was being shown, but instead we should get inspired by the work of others. And don't pass up quilt magazines or quilt shows. You will discover new patterns, fabrics and ideas. Our guild accepts donations of old quilt magazines. We make them available to members for 50cents ea. This is a good little fundraiser for the guild makes good use of those magazines we are done with! I bought 3 tonight. Recycling is good!


Luann said...

That's a great picture of the kids. What was the occasion? The roses are beautiful. I know how much you will love having them. Enjoy the great day!!

Kathy Mom said...

I am so glad the roses bring you joy. Thanks for the picture of them-they are very beautiful.
The three kids looks so cute-what fun.
Tekoe says hello in Kitty talk.

Kathy said...

Hey you two! Yes, the kids look cute! Ha! This Nana knows it! It wasnt a special occassion tho, just after church.

I sure do love the roses!

Its 10:30 and this is my first minute on the net since 7am this morning!

Luann said...

Go to bed!!

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