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Thursday, September 18, 2008


I love horses! This pretty one was grazing in a field by a little road side shop we stopped at one day. She was so pretty and came right up to us. She and I made fast friends. She was very "verbal". I don't know for sure what she was saying, but I imagine it was something important like " why didnt you bring me an apple???". There are certain things that bring me a real sense of peace and a horse is one of them. Just seeing one in a field makes me take in a deep breath of relief!

  • Romans 15:13. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Quilt Tip of the Day!

Bring some peace into your life by allowing yourself the freedom to NOT finish everything you start. If you have started a quilt project (or any other project) and you don't like it, don't feel like you have to finish it. Go on to something else that will bring you pleasure. Maybe you didn't choose a fabric you really liked or maybe the pattern ended up a little above your ability. Don't sweat it, leave it and do something else. Happy Quilting!


Luann said...

Hi, Kathy.. Didn't know about your horse thing. I must agree, though I've never had much opportunity to ride. I like your tip today. Of course I'll have to apply it to something else since I don't quilt, but that works for me!!

Kathy said...

Yes, I love horses even tho I have never really learned to ride or had the opportunity either. Glad you enjoyed the tip.... :)

Kathy Mom said...

A horse is a horse of course of course, and I think this may be the verbally challenged daughter of Mr. Ed.
I love horses too-especially riding bareback and they are at a full gallop--it's so free feeling.
Riding on the beach would be awesome.

Kathy said...

So now I have this picture of you riding bareback on the Pensacola beach, astride a white stallion....with hair flowing (yours if you had any and of course the stallion's mane)...all in slow motion....what an image!

Kathy Mom said...

The old lady, the sea and the verbally challenged horse.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathy,
I finally got a chance to read some of your posts. It's really interesting and I enjoyed reading it a lot! Now, about that tip of the day. Do you know how many times I have done that? Now I don't know what to do with the unfinished projects. But I must have a soul full of peace!

Kathy said...

what to do with the unfinished projects? that's easy! either throw them away, or give them to someone who will use them. My Omaha sewing group will sometimes bring them all together to see if anyone want's to "adopt" their man's trash is another man's treasure...its just good not to feel guilty about it...I love your new picture of little Tekoe!

Kathy said...

Ok...I dont know who anonymous is, and I thought it was someone else.. Thanks for looking at my posts and I hope you will introduce mystery reader....haha!

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