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Monday, September 1, 2008


Happy Labor Day! Looks like the worst of Gustav is over with. I'm still glued to the news to hear about what is happening. We know with the preparation this time, there will not be the devastation there was with Katrina, but the loss of homes, and material things may still be very high. Thank goodness for insurance, which I hope most have. Thank God for good people that will go and serve and help.

It's been a good day. Larry has "labored"with porch painting all day and I've been "playing" with my blog site, my friend's blog site and a new one I set up for our quilting guild. I have so many things to blog about, my head is spinning...hold on to your hat!

We spent time this morning in prayer. What a peaceful time on the balcony with the 3 kitties. God is so good to hear us and we know He will answer!


As you probably know by now, many of my tips will help you with more things than just quilting.

My tip today, is to think outside the box. Let your creative juices flow...if the pattern has a border you aren't crazy about, change it, or don't put one on at all. If the block is too small, calculate how to make it bigger (you'll get done quicker)! I rarely complete a quilt or anything else completely by the directions. I add my own flair. Its a safe way to break the rules and feel a bit rebellious. :) There is nothing like putting your "signature" on a project and you get to decide what that signature is! Happy Quilting!


Luann said...

Sounds like I better turn on the tv. Didn't realize all that was happening today. We know a couple from here that is down there visiting and they said on Friday that they were deciding the next day whether to get out of there...I'm sure they did by now. Have a great rest of the day!!!

Kathy said...

Im having a blast with this blog and I learned some new things today. Study the gadget list and add some. One is great to add live links and Ive done that...its all a gas.

You have a great day too...I love hearing your comments!

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